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Reviews Of SPENGA

4.94 17 Reviews
Matt Christoff
Jun 18, 2017

Brand new, clean, and a great workout. I've never sweat so much in life. Combines spinning, strength, and yoga in intervals to keep you moving and never get bored. Classes are upbeat and the instructors are fun and always keep your fitness level in mind. Highly recommend.

Sharon Gore
Jun 13, 2017

Danielle Danaher Christoff
Jun 10, 2017

Spenga is my new favorite workout! The studio is beautiful, and the classes are challenging and fun. All of the instructors I've had so far have been great, but I particularly enjoy Jackie's class on Saturday morning. She's a fantastic teacher - she's upbeat and motivating without being intimidating. The hour really does fly by and the workouts are always changing. If you haven't tried a class yet, you should!

Renee Belisle
Jun 08, 2017

Emily Edgar Howard
Jun 04, 2017

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